Academic qualifications



Title of professorial thesis:

“Debating Europe in National Parliaments. Discursive Justification and Political Polarization in Comparative Perspective”

FB 03, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Academic supervisors:

Prof. Brigitte Geissel (University Frankfurt)

Prof. Gunther Hellmann (University Frankfurt) 

Prof. Arthur Benz (University Darmstadt)

Venia Legendi in Political Science


Dissertation (Dr. disc.pol.)

Title of doctoral thesis:

“Soziales Europa und demokratische Legitimität. Die Institutionalisierung der EU-Sozialpolitik aus demokratietheoretischer Perspektive”

Faculty for Social Sciences, University Göttingen, Germany


Prof. Horst Kern (University Göttingen)

Prof. Frank Nullmeier (University Bremen).

Magna cum laude


Degree in Political Science (Diplom-Politologe, MA equivalent)

University Hamburg, Germany

Awarded with distinction (“Sehr Gut”)


Stipends and awards


Return from Abroad Stipend by DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

Awarded as Guest Researcher and Lecturer at University Hamburg

2000 – 2003

Stipend as part of the Doctoral Program (Graduiertenkolleg) 407:

The Future of the European Social Model

University Göttingen

Funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG)

1996 / 97

ERASMUS stipend for study abroad

Paris X – Nanterre



German: Native Language

English: full proficiency, spoken and written

French: good proficiency, spoken and written

Spanish: good proficiency spoken, basic proficiency written

Dutch: basic proficiency, spoken and written


Memberships in Professional Associations

EUSA (European Union Studies Association)

Council for European Studies

ECPR Standing Group on the European Union

ECPR Standing Group on National Parliaments

DVPW (German Political Science Association)



Nationality: German

Married, three children

Avid cycler and newspaper junkie (New York Times, FAZ and Economist)

Double bass player, 10+ years experience performing with volunteer symphony orchestras (check out this one for a photo of me with Thalia Symphony in Seattle)